A downloadable nightmare for Windows

Lurid Dreams is a collection of short horror experiences that aim to capture the essence of dreams and nightmares in interactive form.

The less you know going in, the better.

To play Lurid Dreams vol. 1 you will need a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.

Lurid Dreams vol. 1


LuridDreamsVol1.zip 176 MB


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Spooky forest? Check. Weird shadowy horrors in the distance? Check. A thunderous storm overhead? You betcha! Mysterious screens that require you to trace onto paper from your monitor? Uhhh... sure!

It's a genuinely fantastic concept and I had a whole load of fun playing this. I spent the majority of the time expecting to die at any second, which means the game did a great job of keeping me in a constant state of panic and dread!

The ending (if that was indeed the ending) was also right up there in terms of strangely terrifying moments in my life.

Anyone who feels like playing a horror game with a load of cool touches and a deceptively large space to explore whilst constantly fighting off expectations of doom needs to give this a go!


finally a horror game doing something DIFFERENT, genuinely scary

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Hello in Ukraine

The paper and pencil is a cool concept! Got a good scare out of me! Looking forward to the next part!